♪ Europeos

Celentano "Il ragazzo della via Gluck"
Caterina Caselli "Casco d'oro"
Charles Aznavour "Et pourtant"
France Gall "Poupée innocents"
Frank Alamo "Une petite histoire "
Françoise Hardy " La Première Dame"
Les Surf " petites voix, mais trés grand"
Nico fidenco "Con te sulla spiaggia"
Ornella Vanoni "L'Appuntamento"
Michel Polnareff ,"provocacion y talento"
Johnny Hallyday "Le roi du rock"

Cliff Richard "The Young One"
Imelda May "Rock Tattoo"
Joe Meek "The Alchemist of Pop"
Kitty Daisy & Lewis "Teen Rock Revival"
Swinging Blue Jeans "Hippy Hippy Shake"
Steve Harley "come up and see me"
The Bystanders "...Mejor?"
The Hollies "British Invasion"
Shirley Bassey "For your eyes only"
The Kinks “God Save The Kinks”
The Orchids, flores raras.
The Rutles "All you need is cash"
Dusty Springfield "Fall and Rise"
The Zombies "A short history of pop"
The Searchers "Searching the sound"
Remo Four "A short history of Merseysound"
The Who "Your Generation"
The Strypes “You can’t judge a book by the cover”

Lennon vs McCartney: "¿Y tu de quien eres?"
Borrowed Songs (by the Beatles) (1)
Borrowed Songs (by the Beatles) (2)
Borrowed Songs (by the Beatles) (3)

Borrowed Songs (by the Beatles) (4)

Bruno Lomas "Melancolia confesa"
Juan Benito "Lo que pudo haber sido..."
La Guardia " Mil calles...mil recuerdos"
Los Pistones "¿Donde estabas tú en el 83?"
La Piel "Lo que pudo haber sido"
Micky y los Tonys "Megatón Yeyé"
Smash "Agua y aceite"
Babylon Rockets "Rock in the veins"
Formula V "Rock veraniego"
Cool Jerks "I don't want to kiss you"
Mke Rios "El Rey del Twist"
Los Dragones "Especies extintas"
Sanford Alligator Band " Supervillanos del Soul"
Lone Star "La Leyenda"
Javier Vargas "Madrid-Memphis"
Els Cinc Xics (Valencia Rockera)
Vinilos de Oro: "Natural"